Stop trying to sell your car Stop Trying

Are you tired of trying to sell your car?

There is a better way.

If you are frustrated by endless texts and emails with strangers, low ball offers, missed viewing appointments, people coming to your house and driving your car on your insurance, or you have concerns over the security of payments. . . we have good news. There is a BETTER way.

Regal Auctions

Your vehicle will be listed on:

List on Kijiji
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"Regal Auctions is Alberta's #1 choice when you are looking to sell your vehicle"

Our live auction service is tailor-made to provide you with a great experience when selling your car. Save time and money when you sell your car at Regal Auctions. Our process provides the following benefits:

  • Your car gets advertised everywhere.

    We track which websites car buyers use and make sure your car is listed on all of the most popular sites including Kijiji, Facebook and CarGurus.
  • Your car goes to auction twice a week.

    We have more sales, more often, than any other auction in the province.
  • You get expert advice.

    Our auctioneers consult with you and provide access to our Market Guide database of actual sale results - free of charge.
  • You can rest easy.

    Sale funds get paid from our trust account. The money is always 100% guaranteed.
  • You get a FREE CarFax Report.

    Consign your vehicle and we'll pay for a CarFax vehicle history report to show to everyone who comes to look at your car.
  • Your car gets shown in its best light.

    We can help you arrange detailing and a mechanical inspection for your car so it looks good and shows good for buyers.

The Auction Difference

We don't just find you a buyer. We find the buyer who is willing to pay the most for your car.

Buyer #1

Buyer #2

Buyer #3

Buyer #4

Regal Auctions at a Glance

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We're Close By

2600 7th Avenue North East, Calgary.

Our central location provides convenient access for you to drop your vehicle off. It also makes it really easy for people to come and look at your car.

Location, location, location. Location.

Our Client List

We sell lots of cars for lots of people. Here are some of our clients.

Regal Auctions
Regal Auctions
Regal Auctions
Regal Auctions
Regal Auctions
Regal Auctions
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Regal Auctions

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We've been in business in Calgary since 1985 and we've put together over 300,000 car sales.

300,000+ is a lot of cars!

We make deals happen. Deal!

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